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    Professional Drain and Sewer Line Cleaning

    In worst case scenarios, clogged pipes can lead to unbearable living conditions. When you’ve noticed standing water in showers and sinks, it’s time to call in the professionals. The technicians from Price Busters Plumbing in Seattle are ready to tackle your clogs head on. Our drain cleaning equipment includes the standard drain snake and auger, and we are also equipped to use hydro jetting technology to completely flush out trouble within pipes. Give our rooter company the chance to unclog those systems located deep underground. We’ll get you back to your daily routine so that you can enjoy reliable access to clean running water.

    Common Causes of Clogs

    There are several ways to recognize drainage problems in Everett and Tacoma. These include wet spots in the yard, overflowing pipes and a very slow spiral of water when you try to empty the sink. You may also notice wastewater backing up into your home through the tub, sink, dishwasher or toilet. Rings of dirty residue in the sink are often signs of trouble. What are the main causes of clogs?
    • Hair, skin and dirt binding to soap scum often accumulates in the pipes, reducing water flow.
    • Toilets become clogged when inappropriate items are flushed, including swabs, floss, diaper wipes, feminine products and children’s toys.
    • Kitchen sinks are clogged when cooking grease is poured into the pipes. Other troublesome items include pasta, eggshells, rice, meat, potatoes, fibrous vegetables and fruit peels. When these foods are sent into the disposal, clogs in the pipes could result.

    Hydro Jet Sewer Cleaning  | Price Busters Plumbing | Seattle, WA

    Hydro Jetting Solutions 

    Price Busters Plumbing offers our hydro jetting service to customers throughout Seattle, Tacoma and Everett. We train our technicians with modern equipment and methods to ensure that your plumbing system is flowing efficiently. Do you need water line repair? Give us a call at 206-348-8138 to discuss your plumbing needs.