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    Installing Plumbing Fixtures for Seattle Homes and Businesses

    When you’re building a new house or upgrading your existing home, some of the most exciting decisions have to do with fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom. The technicians at Price Busters Plumbing in Seattle can help ensure the quality of your results when you contact us for plumbing fixture installation. We are experienced at installing washer hook-ups and handling the replacement of showerheads. Have you had trouble with your fittings, so that you need plumbing fixture repair work? We’ll tackle that as well. With regular maintenance and camera inspections as needed, we can keep the water flowing through your pipes and fixtures.

    Fixing Toilets and More

    There are a number of toilet issues common throughout Everett you could face, including constant running, clogs, loss of flushing power and backups. Schedule toilet repair services as soon as you notice trouble, so that you can avoid more serious and expensive problems later down the road.

    Protecting the Flow of Water for Homes and Businesses

    When it comes to routine maintenance and keeping up with leaks and other issues in Tacoma, it doesn’t take long to realize that you have a lot of fixtures throughout your home. We are prepared to handle the installation of and all of the maintenance and care necessary for the faucets in your sink, tub and shower. If you have any issues with your existing fittings, we can provide emergency service for the plumbing appliances and fixtures in your home.
    Plumbing Fixture Installation | Price Busters Plumbing | Seattle, WA

    Contact Us Today in Seattle, Everett and Tacoma

    Price Busters Plumbing in Seattle offers a wide range of services throughout the communities of Everett and Tacoma. We’re prepared to provide bathroom apartment service/maintenance, routine repairs for your home or business and water heater replacement services. Give us a call at 206-348-8138 to schedule the services you need.