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    Installing and Repairing Water Heaters

    Many water heaters in Seattle and surrounding communities are tucked out of sight and seldom given much thought. But when trouble strikes, that unobtrusive appliance suddenly becomes an important factor of everyday life. If you’ve headed into the bathroom in the morning, preparing for a nice warm shower, and then had to make due with a chilly shower or sponge bath, you understand the urgency of water heater repair. At Price Busters Plumbing, we have the skills and equipment necessary to handle the replacement of your new appliance, including removal of the old and installation of the new. We offer maintenance and service to help you avoid the need for emergency repairs.

    Problems That May Necessitate Replacement

    When it comes to resolving issues with the water heater, many Tacoma homeowners are faced with the difficulties of determining the best course of action. This is compounded by the existence of so many types of heating appliances, including propane, natural gas, electric and tankless models. Our technicians are trained and prepared to resolve most issues on any of those versions. The most common and serious of these problems tends to be a rusted and worn tank. However, other issues can lead to the disruption of Everett hot taps in showers, tubs and sinks, including:
    • Clogged lines
    • Extinguished pilot light
    • Sediment buildup
    • Broken thermometer
    • Dirty components

    Water Heater Repairs | Price Busters Plumbing | Seattle, WA

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