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    Sewer and Gas Line Repair Services in Seattle

    Common problems with your sewer line, such as tree roots in sewer line and major leaks, require prompt attention from professionals. At Price Busters Plumbing in Seattle, we believe you should be confident that your plumber will deliver complete sewer repair or sewer replacement without any misinformation or delay. Our company has the modern technology necessary to inspect the line, pinpoint the spot and cause of blockage and then complete all necessary work, leaving your property in good shape. We are also prepared to carry out any necessary gas line repair.

    Experts Performing Thorough Inspections

    If you smell rotten egg or sulfur or believe there is a gas leak on your Tacoma property for any other reason, the first thing to do is to leave your home and then call 911. After the gas supply has been shut off, technicians from our company can complete the appropriate gas line repair. We understand the importance of completing this job correctly and using the appropriate gas piping. Remember that natural gas could ignite with the flip of a switch. Take any gas concerns very seriously for the safety of your family.

    Professional Attention to Keep Water Flowing

    The water lines running to your Everett home could be damaged by rocks pressing against the pipe, or by corrosion, age or roots that have grown around the plumbing. Our technicians offer water line repair with modern pipe locating technology and a commitment to high quality.

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    Tackling problems with the sewage, gas or water lines can be challenging for homeowners. Trust experienced professionals with these tasks. At Price Busters Plumbing, we offer our expert service to Seattle, Everett and Tacoma. Our plumbing company can be reached at 206-348-8138.
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